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What do Humans Taste Like?

October 16th, 2011: The birthday of my dear friend, YouTuber/actress Jessica Berry. Destination? Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park. Agenda? Go on rides, and then freak ourselves out by going through all the Halloweeen-themed mazes as “Fright Fest” (did I ever mention my love for alliteration? If not…now you know.)

Anyway. I was getting “stalked” by a monster, and instead of running away like a normal person would, I decided to call my stalker out… and then interview him on camera (this should explain the dark & sadistic title for this vlog post.) So if you have 1.5 minutes to spare, I encourage you to learn things only monsters know… like what humans taste like. (PS shoutout to up-and-coming ESPN analyst and former Stanford basketball star Rosalyn Gold-Onwude for her amazing shooting skills. Video shooting, not basketball. Though she’s good at that too.)



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  1. steve hansen says:

    without watching the video, i’d tell you humans taste like pork. the south sea tribes still have a fondness for canned pork b/c it takes like man-flesh (“long pig”), and the similarity makes sense given the evolutional similarity between swine and man that makes pig organ transplants common in medicine.

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